5 Best Linux Distros for Ethical Hacking | 2019

5 Best Linux Distros for Ethical Hacking | 2019

Ethical Hacking is one of the developing fields in Computer Science. Many of us have wandered over the Internet to find out the best OS for our educational hacking purposes.

Confused with which OS to go with? In this article, I will be sharing a list of 5 best Linux distros for Ethical Hacking with you. Let’s have a look over it.

Kali Linux

Offensive Security is currently developing Kali Linux. Kali Linux is a modified version of BackTrack Linux. It is a Debian-based OS packed with 600+  hacking tools which make your inventory richer.

Offensive Security updates these tools regularly to keep them bug-free. Kali Linux also has live boot capability and could also be used for forensics.

Check more about Kali Linux Here.

BlackArch Linux



BlackArch Linux is an Arch-based Linux.BlackArch Linux has around 2050+ tools which cover various areas like WAF hacking, forensic, fuzzing and other auditing tools as well.

Their distro updates every week or very often with latest security auditing tools. Compatible with the existing Arch installs, BlackArch provides you with a minimal GUI as well.

Know more about BlackArch Here.

Parrot OS



Formerly known as Parrot Security OS, It is a Debian-based security-oriented distribution. It features a collection of utilities designed for computer forensics and security.

Currently, Frozenbox is developing it and comes with MATE as default desktop environment. With more security updates, Frozen box also optimizes it for low processing or old devices.

Read more about Parrot OS Here.

BackBox Linux



An Ubuntu-based distribution designed with the light user interfaces in mind. By default, it uses the XFCE desktop environment. Backbox is backed by a very friendly community.

By creating your own Launchpad PPA you can send that package to developer team and contribute actively to its development . With XFCE desktop as its desktop manager, it delivers fast performance and less consumption of resources.

Read more about BackBox Here.




ArchStrike is a project based on Arch Linux for security professionals. It comes with all the best things of Arch Linux with additional packages for hacking and cybersecurity.

ArchStrike includes thousands of tools and applications categorized into small package groups. It is optimized for i686, x84_64 and other architectures.

Know more about ArchStrike Here.

These were the distros which we believe will help in your cybersecurity career. Do share the article and let me know in the comments below which distro you would like to use.


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